Packing and preparing for a business trip requires plenty of advanced planning. For the frequent traveler, having the right gear makes a world of difference. We've gathered some of our favorite high-quality brands and "must-have" gear for traveling in the list below.


Whether your are an adventure traveler or strictly business, any variety of frequent traveler wants luggage that will stand up to abuse.

One of the brands that really stands out lately is Briggs & Riley. They are a Long Island, New York company that has been around since 1933 and they specialize in just one thing: making quality luggage.Frequent traveler and contributor for Forbes, Larry Olmstead claims that he’s finally found a bag that will stand up to his deman...

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It’s hard to imagine how we survived traveling to far away destinations in the days before smartphones. These days you can almost hop on a plane and go without much planning at all [but if you want to plan like an expert, check out this guide].

Apps and web tools can boost productivity and make travel much more enjoyable. We've compiled a list of our favorite business travel apps and websites that we think you'll love as much as we do.

1. Quickbooks

If you use QuickBooks at work, you may want to check out QuickBooks Online. Mobile apps are included free with your subscription to QuickBooks Online so you can access information from your tablet or smartphone. Business travelers can view their information, send invoices, add photos and n...

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1. Attention to detail

Your corporate housing partner should be insanely detail oriented. This will affect essentially every interaction you have with them. Your agency should have an incredibly efficient and organized system for providing turn-key corporate housing services, so that you are satisfied with your arrangements down to the tiniest detail.
2. High standards

Does the agency have a thorough checklist and process to make sure that each and every furnished suite is clean and beautifully arranged? What is the standard of professionalism for housekeeping and distribution services? Ask your partner what kinds of checklists and standards they maintain for quality assurance.
3. Home-like amenities

A quality corporate long-term housing part...

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Traveling on a long-term business trip brings a measure of uncertainty along with it. Many experienced road warriors swear by purchasing travel insurance to help cover the unexpected. But what about corporate travel insurance? Should an individual expect his or her company to replace lost luggage or a stolen wallet?

I wanted to learn more on this topic, but I didn't find much information on corporate travel insurance. I ended up speaking with Nikki Reynolds, a travel agent in Naples, Florida, to get some answers. Based at MAD Travel, an agency in Naples, Florida, NIkki has been a travel agent for 9 years. She says, "Travel is fun for me and I like to create fun trips for my clients."

Sylvia Hines: Is there a difference between regular trav...

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When you plan for an extended business trip, you need a few good tools to help you out.

You want a tool to help you organize a lot of pieces of information. You need a tool that helps you collaborate with others involved in the planning. You also want to be able to find everything you need for your trip in one place, easily accessible and updatable by anyone involved in corporate travel planning.

So basically what you want is Evernote.

Here seven ways that you can use this handy app for business trip planning.

1. Plan anytime, anywhere.

You can download Evernote onto all your devices (phone, laptop, iPad, desktop) so when you are on a plane or just waiting in the doctor’s office you can jot down notes and collaborate when the moment is ...

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So you think you're a seasoned road warrior? Do you know all the travel hacks and apps that make business travel easier and more efficient?

Business travel can be stressful at times but the right tools and knowledge can help anyone be a better traveler.

Corporate housing providers offer amenities like flexible lease terms, fully stocked kitchens with all the gadgets and tools you need to feel like you're at home. Luxurious furnishings, private parking garages, washer/dryer, cable television, phone service and high-speed internet, generous utility allowances, housekeeping, and 24/7 concierge services to give you peace of mind and help you transition with ease.

All of these amenities are provided within the comfort of a condominium or apartment and managed by the temporary housing provider. This means all of the work goes on behind the scenes with no burden placed on you, the client. Just imagine, a place where you can check-in with your belongings, relax, get to work, and get on with life...

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Leaving a beloved pet behind for extended work-related travel can be really difficult. Our dogs, cats, and other non-human pals are like family. Fortunately, you might be in a good position to pack your pet along for the trip. Corporate housing options for long-term business travel often allow pets, and even provide special "pet package" upgrades for pampering and care.

What are the factors to consider when traveling with a pet? Here are a few tips, tricks, and checklists to follow to get ready for the road.

Should you choose a kennel or bring your pet with you?

There are many decisions to be made when traveling with a pet. The most important decision might be whether or not to bring your pet with you, or find alternative boarding options. ...

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Living and working in Central Valley, California, I take a lot of things for granted because I see them everyday. Because of my work, though, I get a fresh look at the amazing things the Valley has to offer.

My clients help me see things through new eyes. We help business travelers settle into furnished corporate housing for a long-term assignments, help new employees relocate, and find temporary housing for traveling nurses. I enjoy sharing some of the best things to do along the vast 450 mile long stretch of Central Valley, from Bakersfield up to Redding.

Here are just a few of the amazing facts about California's Central Valley that might just blow your mind a little.

1. We have the best soil in the world.The Central Valley is the world...

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When you're a frequent business traveler, you know that accommodations are an important aspect of travel planning. Temporary housing can be a great option for long-term engagements away from home. Extended stay hotels are another option.

Which option makes the most sense?

We've put together our top 4 pros/cons for both corporate housing and hotels. This gives you a little snapshot of what each one has to offer.Corporate housing fits the needs of travelers who need long-term temporary housing. Typically that means you will be staying more than 30 days. These apartment suites are packed with amenities, luxurious furnishings and houewares. If you're a pet-owner or you're bringing your children with you, corporate housing agents are very helpf...

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