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Master Suites Meet The Team


Our staff has the experience and full-service attitude to exceed your corporate housing needs and expectations.



Don Hines

Don Hines was born in Ohio. He and his family moved to the California valley in 1964 when his father was transferred to Lemoore Naval Station. By the time he was 14 years old Don started working and attending school full time. He worked 10 years for a small family-run grocery business. By age 24 he moved on to work for Savemart, one of the largest grocery chains in California, where he retired in 2007. Don has more than 30 years experience in customer service and management. Don has excellent organizational skills and financial savvy. When not working, Don enjoys the outdoors, salmon fishing and smoking the fish for friends and family.


Sylvia Hines


Sylvia has over 25 years in the administrative field. As founder and owner of Master Suites, she assumes the role of President and CEO. Sylvia was born in Texas, attended schools in Texas, Las Vegas, Panama, and California. She graduated from high school in Fresno in 1973, joined the Air Force Reserve in 1978 (served for 10 years), and transferred to the Army Reserves in 1988 (served for 5 years). During that time frame she held such positions as receptionist in an accounting firm; secretary to the vice president of a bank; and as a federal employee served as a personnel manager in an Army Reserve Unit. From there she changed careers to become a Truck Driver, and in 1998 she acquired her BA degree in Business Management and Organi-zational Development and founded Master Suites in 2001. Sylvia enjoys staying at the lake house and painting with water color and oils, and her favorite past time is cruising on the lake with friends and family for brunch.

Master Suites Sandra Little

Sandra Little

Inventory Manager

Sandra has been with Master Suites for 10 years, and is one of the most important part of Master Suites.  She is the center of the business, and the best employee ever.  Sandra wears many hats, including, but not limited to: inside sales, customer service, inventory control, and more...


She graduated from California State University with a BS degree in Business. She has had continuing education in computer classes to keep up to date on programs such as Excel, Outlook and Microsoft Word. She has been in the property management and corporate housing fields since 1986, first as a leasing agent, leasing supervisor, assistant manager and fill in property manager through 1997 and then went to work in the corporate housing industry. She has held positions as customer service, vendor coordinator, sales and inventory management. She is also an Army veteran, having served 4 years active duty Army, working as a personnel administrative specialist.

Emilio Voorhees

Field Service Representative

Emilio was born in California and is Sylvia Hines’s son. He has been with the company 15 years, and takes ownership of the company by displaying a continued high interest in Master Suites success. He demonstrates this quality by his extreme professionalism, care, concern and dedication. When not working Emilio enjoys being a family man and spending lots of time with his son.

20220404104646 (1).jpg

Michelle Benge

Michelle is the newest member of our  organization.  Michelle is learning the bookkeeping skills required for managing accounts payable and accounts receivables.  When she's not working she takes a very active role in caring for brand new baby girl, and her young son and making sure they have the best possible memories as they grows up.


Devin Daniels

Field Service Representative

Devin has been with Master Suites for 10 years. Devin performs all field service requirement without missing a beat.  For his young 20 something age, he has great work ethics, always pleasant, fast, efficient, and takes lots of pride in his work.  When he's not working Devin enjoys spending time with his baby girl and younger brothers and sisters, and camping.

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