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Master Suites Meet The Team


Our staff has the experience and full-service attitude to exceed your corporate housing needs and expectations.

Welcome to Master Suites Corporate Housing: Your Trusted Team

Don Hines Master Suites

Don Hines

Don, one of the founding members of Master Suites, boasts an impressive four decades of ability in the realm of customer service and management. With impeccable organizational abilities and a keen financial sense, Don is an invaluable asset to the company. Outside of work, he takes pleasure in the great outdoors, particularly salmon fishing and preparing smoked fish to share with loved ones.

Sylvia Hines Master Suites

Sylvia Hines


Being a co-founder of Master Suites, Sylvia holds the esteemed positions of President and CEO. With over three decades of experience in the administrative field, Sylvia brings a diverse background that includes military service, employment in the private sector, a brief stint in the transportation and trucking industry, as well as a college education in Business Management and Organizational Development. When not fully immersed in her work, Syliva can often be found at her lake house, indulging in her passion for watercolor and oil painting. And when not pursuing her artistic endeavors, her favorite pastime is to cruise on the lake with close friends and family, relishing a leisurely brunch.

Master Suites Sandra Little

Sandra Little

In September of 2023, Sandra retired from her 11-year tenure with us at Master Suites, leaving behind a legacy of invaluable contributions. As the heart of our business, she was an exceptional employee in every regard. With a multitude of responsibilities, such as inside sales, customer service, inventory control, and more, Sandra seamlessly juggled many hats. Aside from her impressive career with us, Sandra also brings a wealth of military experience as an Army veteran, coupled with a BS degree in Business. Having spent over 20 years in the corporate housing industry, her expertise and knowledge are unparalleled.

Emilio Voorhees Master Suites

Emilio Voorhees

Field Service Representative

With a loyal track record spanning 16 years, Emilio has proven to be an invaluable member of our organization, shouldering the crucial role of a meticulous caretaker to propel Master Suites to success. His professional conduct is marked by a display of exemplary and unwavering commitment, diligence, care, and concern. Despite his professional endeavors, Emilio’s deep affection for his family shines through his role as a devoted parent, cherishing every precious moment spent with his son.

Michelle Benge Master Suites

Michelle Daniels

Michelle’s tenure at Master Suites spans a remarkable six years, during which she has grown from a field services employee to the esteemed role of Master Suites Bookkeeper. Her unwavering commitment to the company’s prosperity is evident in her numerous contributions, such as generating innovative ideas to boost employee and client morale, overseeing the launch of the new social media accounts, and efficiently managing after-hours client inquiries. Aside from her noteworthy accomplishments at work, she is a devoted parent who actively participates in her children’s lives, constantly creating cherished memories with them. In her leisure time, she channels her artistic prowess into creating stunning digital art.

Devin Daniels Master Suites

Devin Daniels

Devin has embarked on a journey towards greater prospects for advancement, both in his professional and personal endeavors. He has been an invaluable member of the esteemed Master Suites team for an impressive span of 11 years. With unwavering determination, Devin impeccably fulfilled all field service obligations without faltering. Despite his youthful twenty-something age, he possesses a remarkable work ethic, always demonstrating a pleasant and expedient approach, while taking immense pride in his work. His departure will surely leave a void within the company.

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