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What to Ask When You Are Renting Short Term Rentals Near Me

When you are looking for short term rentals near me, either in Modesto or Fresno, CA. there are a few important questions to ask before signing any paperwork for the rental. Read on to learn some of the important questions as you search for a short term rental Modesto or Fresno.


One of the most important questions to ask as you look for a short term rental is how long of a period you can stay in the rental. Many short term rentals require you to rent the unit for at least 30 days. They may also restrict how long you can stay in the unit, such as six months or one year. Always ask about these timelines so you find a place that fits in with what you need.


Another important question to ask when you are looking for short term rentals near me is what amenities the rental and community the rental is housed in comes with. This may include covered parking, a pool, clubhouse or other amenities. Ultimately, you want to know what all you are getting for your money.


Lastly, be sure to ask how much the deposits are as you search for a short term rental Modesto or Fresno. Many people incorrectly assume that short term rentals do not require deposits. Most require deposits and may have higher deposits than typical rentals due to the furniture that is inside of the rental home.


At MasterSuites Corporate Housing we can help you find short term rentals near me that best meet your needs. Give us a call now and explain to us what you are looking for and how long you need it, and we will get to work finding you the perfect rental.

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