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Download free guides and e-books with helpful information for frequent business travelers, executives, consultants, project managers, and assistants.

How Master Suites Corporate Housing Can Help You With Short-Term Living in Fresno California
Browser Bookmarks Every Business Traveler Should Have by Master Suites Corporate Housing

We've compiled a huge set of online resources that every business traveler can use. Download the file and use these bookmarks for easy travel... 

Guide to Finding Temorary Housing in the California Central Valley by Maste Suites Corporate Housing

This guide provides information to help make your job easier in finding Short-term temporary housing in the California Central Valley.

The Executive's Guide to Planning Long-Term Corporate Travel by Master Suites Corporate Housing

This guide is for anyone who wants to take control of their corporate travel planning process and plan with confidence.

Pocket Fitness Guide for Corporate Travel by Master Suites Corporate Housing

This handy fitness reference guide is perfect for anyone who wants to incorporate healthy exercise habits into their corporate travel lifestyle.

A Complete Guide to Surviving a Job Relocation by Master Suites Corporate Housing

The guide is packed full of tips, check-lists, and practical guidance to help you and your family make a smooth transition during your job relocation.

Ultimate Corpoate Travel Nutrition Guide by Master Suites Corporate Housing

This guide offers simple plans, tools and tricks to help you form good nutrition habits for life, whether you’re on the road or at home.

Coming Soon
The Ultimate California Central Valley Reocation Guide by Master Suites Corporate Housing

For those relocating to the area for employment or pleasure, we offer this guide to help make the transition easier. 

Master Packing List for Busines Travelers by Master Suites Corporate Housing

Getting ready for a big business trip for yourself, your boss, or a group of people? This guide/kit will help keep you organized and cool as a cucumber.

Corporate Housing for Long and Short-term Teporary Accommodations - Master Suites Corporate Housing

Learn more about the benefits of cor-porate housing for various long-term or temporary accommodations.  Many pet friendly locations.

Coming Soon
Master Suites Corporate Housing Blog

Master Suites Corporate Housing provides exceptional furnished apartments with upscale amenities and comfort.


Our mission is to offer a home-like environment, tailored to meet the needs of our corporate clients. Our blog page showcases the latest trends, news, and insights for those who value a comfortable and convenient lifestyle while they are away from home.


Whether you are a business professional, traveler, or just looking for a temporary stay, Master Suites Corporate Housing has everything you need to make your stay comfortable and stress-free.

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